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Histiocytosis Association of Canada (HAC) is dedicated to helping Canadians affected by all types of  histiocytosis. 

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The importance of your support of the  Histiocytosis Association of Canada cannot be underestimated.  

With  your help, we can continue our efforts in the fight against histiocytic  disorders. 


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Histiocytosis Association of Canada  is a vocal advocate to promote public and professional education,  patient and family support, and stimulation and support of research. 

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Finding a cure for histiocytosis

The Histiocytosis Association of Canada is dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians affected by histiocytosis. We are focused on public and professional education, patient and family support, and stimulation of support of research. 

We are an international group of parents, patients, physicians and friends in search of a cure. 

We work  closely with an international group of physicians,  known as the Histiocyte Society, who are dedicated to studying the histiocytoses. Through this partnership, more has been learned and  better treatments have been discovered.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with histiocytosis, and you are looking for help, contact us today at info@histio.ca. You are not alone. 

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Dr. James Whitlock

President & Director


Aprile Duda



Marlene Clune



Claudio DiGirolamo 

Director, Communications


Stephanie Landon

Past President


Teresa Hunt


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We are here to help.

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Histiocytosis Association of Canada

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